Affordable Covid-19 Testing

With the latest and greatest options for pre-employment and on-set testing, a variety of PPE on hand at any time, and a full roster of trained professionals, we can provide Covid testing services for any project.


Available Tests

Rapid PCR

Results in 30mins
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Pre-Employment or on site Nasal Rapid PCR testing gives you PCR quality results within 30 minutes of swabbing. Required for LA County Public Health Permits, AICP, And Union sets.

On-Set Rapid PCR*


per test

On-Set Double Rapid PCR*


per test

All of our Covid Compliance and medical teams carry the new On-Site Rapid PCR Machines. These provide results via email directly to the patient in 30 minutes, eliminating most lab-based PCR complications and giving you the opportunity to identify your crew's health the moment that they arrive on set.

* A flat rate of $300 will be added if you decide to exclude the Covid Compliance Team from your payroll. If more than 10 tests are administered, the price will reduce to $200.

Hire a Testing Coordinator

If you’re not looking to add covid compliance team to your payroll, we offer hiring a Testing Coordinator. Hire a trained in-house professional to collect all of your testing and HIPAA forms, coordinate testing appointments with the crew, and confirm that the results have been received by CCO Team/Production.

Covid-19 Testing Coordinator helping woman

Professional Sanitization

Get prepped for pre/post location disinfection as well on-set decontamination and sanitation with our professional sanitization packages.

Electrostatic Sanitation Device


per day

Sanitation Techs


per 12hrs

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Personal Protective Equipment

We can provide both unique and standard PPE in full for any project, along with a full cost estimate prior to supply. We have the following and more available at any time to add to your Covid Compliance package:

  • KN95 Masks with registered ID Numbers
  • Buildable Glasses Face Shields
  • Mini Hand Sanitizers
  • Z-shields
  • Ear Savers
  • Sanitizer bottles in all sizes
  • Anti Fog Wipes
  • Hand Sanitizer Stands
  • On The Go PPE Packs
  • VIP PPE packs
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Available for Hire 24/7 in Greater Los Angeles County

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