If you plan on operating around any body of water, it is imperative to equip your crew with a Lifeguard that can oversee and protect against aquatic emergencies. We have decades of water safety experience that is proven to be valuable in any situation. You can't ever guarantee a completely safe environment for your crew on set; but you can hire the lifeguards that are trained to solve any aquatic situation. This will give your crew a safer workplace environment and provide you peace of mind.


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With riptides, currents, waves, and marine life, the ocean can be one of the most dangerous water environments for your production. Not just any lifeguard can oversee the proper safety of your crew. We are Paramedics that come with specific ocean training certifications and tools that are absolutely required for this extreme area of water safety. We are certified globally to provide services in any exotic and foreign location for you and your crew.


Even small sources of water can be an incredibly dangerous place to film. If you have Children, elderly, or poor swimmers, it is absolutely necessary to equip your production with a Lifeguard that can give anyone near the water all of their attention and potential medical care.


Most water related injuries occur in shallow pools and small bodies of water. Protect your crew with the appropriate skill and water safety knowledge that we have as experienced Water Safety Personnel. Hazards such as Electrical equipment near/in the water, shallow pool ends, freezing water, and poor swimmers can all be overseen by our expert Lifeguards.

Stage Tanks

Staff your lot stage tanks with the best Water Safety trained Medics available. Unfortunately accidents happen, and it's our responsibility to take the appropriate action towards the best medical care possible. We have overseen both short and extended production needs on the stage tanks, accumulating decades of emergency experience towards rescuing those in need.

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