Set Medic

Every Union and Non-Union production is vulnerable to the unforeseen medical emergencies that occur daily in Hollywood. Your crew deserves high-quality medical care, and that's what we plan on giving you. We tackle situations that would otherwise overwhelm a production and waste valuable time. Whether it’s preventive advice, first aid, continuing medical care, or an unusual situation that requires swift action, we guarantee the best possible medical service to those in need.


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We’ve completed 500+ commercial productions as medical authorities, while providing the highest quality of care possible. With the unique pacing in the commercial world, your production will require experience and care that can't be found anywhere else.


There's no show too big or small that should go without the proper medical aid. Your TV Production may need a Key Medic that has the crew and resources in order to supply vital medical supervision. We have a combined experience of over 100 years in all television needs, medical requirements, and critical services.

Features Films

Your production may include stunts, pyrotechnics, pursuit scenes, hazardous environments, and distant locations that will require more than just a first aid kit or 911 services. We promise to provide the necessary medical services that will keep your crew not only safe from harm, but keep your feature on schedule by administering medical procedures on the spot, anywhere in the world.

Special Events

We have operated as the medical authority in dozens of varieties of programs that have depended on preventive measures and swift action in unforeseen emergency situations. You can't always prepare for every situation, but at least have the knowledge and skill with you that can prevent disaster.

Cody Vlach Set Medic on Commercial
  • Sporting Events
  • Private Parties
  • Marathons
  • Gameshows
  • Celebrity Events
  • and More!

Available for Hire 24/7 in Greater Los Angeles County

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