Safety Supervisor/Covid-19 Compliance Supervisor

The CCS (Covid Compliance Supervisor) position was developed to tackle some of the new challenges that we face when filming around a pandemic. This new vital position helps protect and educate the crews to the ever changing protocol for this infectious disease. So, here’s a little bit of background on my experience with Covid-19 thus far: Since March 2020 I’ve been working as a California State Covid-19 Strike Team Leader(Paramedic), Deputy Logistics Chief and Safety Training Director for EMSA CAL-MAT, the government ran organization tasked to research, react, and help remove the viral threat that has challenged the globe as a whole. This eye-opening experience provides my team with some tools necessary towards helping our production adapt new protocol. All this to keep us safer than we’ve ever been, but only if followed in diligence by every single member around the set. Since the covid-19 pandemic i have not only lead multiple long-term productions overseeing Covid Compliance teams across the country without incident, but also worked on the union panel to help write new Covid-19 protocol. Let’s show the world that we are prepared and perfectly capable of filming an enjoyable yet cautious production with our new and ever evolving safety protocol.


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Experience & Education

Our Safety Supervisors are equipped with the legal and proper training required by The Federal OSHA Health And Safety Program. Between working on countless sets and overseeing and correcting any health violations, we are also certified with the ‘OSHA-30’ Training Program. This gives us the crucial knowledge of not only identifying potential hazards, but correcting them to fit the legal requirements. A daily safety report is developed, as well as an entire safety program written for your production, preventing any legal violations.


Between the OSHA-30 training, Covid-19 Compliance Supervisors country wide, Paramedic Experience, large scale medical coordinations, Fire Marshall Degrees, and Set Safety Training, we are more than adequately trained towards being the best injury and safety regulation supervisors for you to have at your disposal. We offer support for working with Stunt Coordinators, Water operations, Pyrotechnics, and set construction locations. Don't leave your production open for injuries and loss of life that could have been prevented with the appropriate Safety Supervisor.

Safety Supervisor with airplane
  • Sporting Events
  • Private Parties
  • Marathons
  • Gameshows
  • Celebrity Events
  • and More!

Available for Hire 24/7 in Greater Los Angeles County

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